Fuckin hell, man.

I was hanging out with my friend today, who happens to be black, and he was telling me of all these stories about the times he’s been pulled over by the police literally for no reason. One time the officer never even have his reason for pulling my friend over. Cops have made U-turns after passing my friend to pull him over. What the fuck? I always felt Southern California to be petty safe from racism, at least that extreme of racism.

Cops are just getting the fuck out hand with all this pulling over, killing, and beating people for no god damn reason. It’s like the fucking 60’s again. Shits about to go down soon. I can feel it.
Too many people are talking about and experiencing this shit now. It’s hitting real fucking close to home. Too close


This always cracks me up and I just want a giant poster of it in every lab.

lick it up like ice cream


turn bad wit that heem in me

God damn
Anonymous asked:
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this shit was wild from beginnin to end

Foul on the motherfucking play bruh like whut

Ahaha this dude means business

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything."
Irish Proverb (via basillico)

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Apparently I talk like I’m from California.
Good thing I’m in California